"Principles & Techniques in the Management of Primary Bone Tumors & Limb Sparing Surgery"
Albert J. Aboulafia, M.D., 51:28

"Clinical Use of Hyaluronates for Arthritis"
Errol L. Bennett, M.D., FACS, FRCS(C), 23:23

"Anatomy of the Knee for the Total Joint Surgeon",
David S. Hungerford, M.D., 67:00 (edited into clips).

"Statistical Methods for Orthopaedic Research,"
Lynne C. Jones, Ph.D., Includes: "Guide to Statistical Tests," and "Flowchart for Appropriate Methods of Statistical Inference"

"Hemimelia: Tibial, Fibular / Femoral Deficiency"
John Herzenberg, M.D., 2 Parts - 46:39

"Disc Therapy Overview",
Todd J. Albert, M.D., 42:34

"Pediatric Upper Extremity Fractures",
Paul D. Sponseller, M.D., 30:55

"Bone & Joint Infections in Children",
Paul D. Sponseller, M.D., 27:54

"Myelomeningocele/Lipomeningocele & Caudal Regression",
Paul D. Sponseller, M.D., 36:08

"Pediatric Lower Extremity Fractures",
Arabella I. Leet, M.D., 25:35

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