Resident Guidelines - PEDS 7





We are starting a database on pediatric spine deformities, genetic disorders, and CP. One resident should collect the data sheets after each clinic and enter them in the database.

Please choose one topic on which to complete a research project during your two to three rotations on this service.  With the size of our team, you should be able to free up time to work on this.

  • The chief resident should provide 1/2 day per week for each resident working on a research project. 

The finished product will help our service as well as yourself to become more knowledgeable and distinguished.   By the end of your rotations, you should have a publishable project. 


Choose your own topic or select from these suggestions:

  • Patient outcomes in CP surgery
  • Longitudinal MODEMS scores after CP spine surgery
  • Functional outcome of CP in adulthood (Miller)
  • Creating an orthopaedic Myelomeningocele database
  • Outcome of  hip dysplasia in adults with Myelomeningocele
  • Outcome of THR in Marfan syndrome (PDS)
  • Spine fusion in Marfan syndrome (PDS)
  • Outcome of total joint arthroplasty in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Caudal v.s. IV PCA in lower extremity surgery; different sites & diagnoses (prospective)
  • Decreasing blood loss in Neuromuscular Scoliosis surgery
  • Macrodactyly of foot: analysis of procedures and outcomes (PDS)
  • Outcome of certain skeletal Dysplasia topics (with Dr. Ain)
  • Posterior spinal fusions in SED, Achondroplasia
  • Spinal outcomes in achondroplasia
  • Cervical decompression and stability in achondroplasia
  • Knee surgery in achondroplasia
  • Proximal femoral valgus osteotomies in dysplasia
  • Trauma Topics
    • Ex-Fix v.s. spica for young child (retrospective survey of parents who had both)
    • Cervical trauma in children(Ain)- complications of immobilization
    • Cervical trauma in children (Ain): Predictors of spinal cord injury
    • Do scars of external fixators bother children? (Ain)
  • Case reports : numerous
  • Other ideas?
    • Other topics of interest
    • Consult with an attending for ideas



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