Resident Guidelines - PEDS 3



OPERATING ROOM:  Link here to a pdf of O.R. form.



  • OR schedules for the coming months are available from Nicole, Laura and Pat, & Leslie in order to plan your reading.  Additions many occur.  Please notify secretary of any other cases you have posted.
  • Please read on every case you are involved in: indications, anatomy and technique.
  • A team member should be present in OR by 7:30 am; this helps Anesthesia and Nursing to know we will be available on time and to check equipment.  One person should be assigned immediately after X-ray Rounds.  Please arrange to be present or be paged for subsequent cases during the day.
  • OR time available for Pediatric Orthopaedics is Monday-Friday, Rooms 14 and 17.
  • One resident should be assigned to stay in the room and keep the cases moving along.  Scrub hands early so you will be able to prep in time.
  • If we are running staggered rooms (a small case in between 2 regular cases in  another room), the chief should be in the other room where the attending is not.
  • Parents must meet with anesthesia attending before each case.  When getting consent for a procedure, also tell parents to physically wait in hospital until they have talked with anesthesia, or the case may not be able to be done.
  • Residents on-call while in the OR, you should be available to leave to cover ER patients immediately.  If desiring to participate in a case while on-call, a substitute should be identified and both that person and the page operator should be notified before the case.
  • After any scoliosis case, a resident should check that the patient is able to move  both lower extremities before leaving the operating room, if able to do so before  surgery. This will allow us to remove rods in a timely fashion if there is a problem.
  • We suggest keeping records of operative procedures in an ongoing-log file, either  electronically or on paper.  Keep notes in the following format for each procedure. This way you can have record of tips from each case or attending. Link here to a pdf of the form.
  • We need your case list to be as accurate as possible. Include the fractures reduced, closed in the E.D., Aslo include fractures treated by cast alone. When recording your surgical cases, each case should be counted separately, even if multiple cases were done on the same patient.


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