Resident Guidelines - PEDS 1





A. Please try to read 1 hour per day.  Plan a schedule to read both Lovell and Winter and Mercer Rang during this period.  Each week when the cases are discussed at indication conferences, someone on the team should gather one to two key articles on the interesting cases. Some reading on cerebral palsy and myelomeningocele in general would be helpful. (These topics are heavily represented on OITE and Boards)

B. Test - Please complete Pediatric Orthopaedic Self Assessment Exam in first  5 weeks and give answers to Lisa.  You will receive correct answers with discussion.  We will review correct answers on the fifth Wednesday am of the rotation.

C. Vacation - One week of vacation or meeting time may be taken during this rotation.  During vacation of Chief Resident coverage by another chief or PGY-4  should be arranged.

D. Chief Resident

    1.  OR schedules available on Thursdays for next week from Nicole. Please obtain.

    2. OR and clinic assignments are best made on Friday a.m. prior to next week. However, changes may occur.  Please write assignments for your residents.

    3. If a single resident is assigned to a clinic and also on call to ER, a back-up resident needs to be identified if clinic gets backed up.

    4. You have a big team, lots to do, use your troops well with thoughtful organization/preplanning.

    5. When a resident is post-call, (s)he should be given the morning to rest/catch up if the schedule permits.

    6. If our service is trying to run staggered rooms, the GOR wants to have the Attending in one room and the Chief in another room. If you are not available or do not wish to be in a second room, let us know so that we do not run staggered rooms.

E. Attending Coverage: One attending will be assigned to service coverage including daily x-ray and Team Rounds, Pediatric Resident Clinic Coverage, Trauma and Consult staffing.

F. Conference: We have Planning/Indications Conference on Fridays at 6:00 AM to include students, Residents and Attendings. This is in order to teach, review indications for surgery, and plan appropriate equipment and pre-op studies, reading and manpower.

  • Didactic Conference is Wednesday 6:15 AM, JHOC clinic Pod C.
  • Please try to attend Dr. Frassica's Monday & Tuesday morning conferences.






1. The attendings will jointly evaluate the residents halfway through the program and share the results with you in written fashion.  Items covered will include knowledge base, surgical skills, teamwork, interpersonal skills, punctuality, and suggestions for improvement.  Suggestions for faculty and program improvement will be sought from residents at this time, also. 





Be sure to keep your web-based case logs accurate. Enter every surgical case & every trauma case.


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