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MARCH 31, 2011

Chapters 10 & 11: Science of Meniscus & Ligaments
AAOS Basic Science Book

Research Updates:
Myers/Ring/Yong Yan

Journal Club: Choosing Articles: Gjolaj

Articles: (pdfs)
5yr FollowUp ACL
ACL Grafts
Meniscal Allograft

Journal Club Presenters:
....Oji (5yr FollowUp ACL)
...Salari (ACL Grafts)
...Yan (Meniscal Allograft)

Journal Club Reviewers:
...Stein (5yr FollowUp ACL)
...Nesterenko (ACL Grafts)
...Lee (Meniscal Allograft)

APRIL 28, 2011

Chapters 11 and 12: Form & Function of Tendons & Ligaments, OA
AAOS Basic Science Book

Research Updates: Lee/Hassanzadeh/Balkissoon

Journal Club: Choosing Articles: Petre

Articles: (pdfs)
(Beta)catenin and OA
MMPs with Fluoroquins-Tendon Rupture
Irradiated allograft

Journal Club Presenters:
....Stein (MMPs with Fluoroquins)
...Nesterenk (Catenin)
...Lee (Irradiated Allograft)

Journal Club Reviewers:
....Oji (MMPs with Fluoroquins)
...Yan (Catenin)
...Salari (Irradiated Allograft)

Presenters: present Background, Methods, and Results in PP (10 min limit). Make the case for the importance of the study.

outline the pitfalls and argue the weaknesses of the study